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"Keep Moving Forward With Us!"


Southern Yacht Solutions UK agents for ALUXA Yachts: Performance, aesthetics, homelike comfort and ultimate functionality are perfectly combined the ALUXA range

The ALUXA shipyard produces a range of premium fully aluminium hull boats from 26 ft. up to 50 ft. long. Every element of the boat is made by real boat builders who dedicated their lifes to the constant improvement of the shipbuilding skills.

At ALUXA we build our boats not for collecting, but for everyday use. We follow the philosophy of smart usage and our boats emphasize functionality without compromising safety, ensuring durability and reliability for years to come. At the same time, we pay special attention to creating a cozy, ergonomic interior to make anyone feel at home.

We are proud to say that ALUXA is more than just yachts, it is a key to freedom and a smart lifestyle that you can discover with us!



"We are extreemly proud to become the ALUXA Yachts dealer in the UK, the move into powerboats has been a long time coming and we are looking forward to working with such a prestigious brand which complements the others in the portfolio." - Gavin Doyle, Principal, Southern Yacht Solutions

Southern Yacht Solutions Agents for Black Pepper Yachts
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